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Classically trained digital rebel.

From professional ballet to the digital landscape, Mari Takahashi (@AtomicMari) showcases her versatility as a Japanese-American actor, award-winning host, and a major influence in the gaming industry.


Mari's ballet career took an unexpected turn in 2010 when she leaped and stumbled onto the YouTube scene alongside comedy powerhouse, SMOSH (25MM+ subs) -- and she never looked back. Her innovative 10-year tenure includes: co-founding SMOSH Games, racking up 2 Streamy's, and producing shows like Smosh Pit Weekly (120MM+ views), Maricraft, and Operation: Open World. Acknowledged with the Forbes "Top Influencer in Gaming" honor, Mari passionately advocates for representation in gaming, remains active with her community of 1.8MM+ followers, and continues to shape the industry as a proud co-owner of the esports org, Spacestation Gaming. Mari's love for action and busting through glass ceilings further manifests in her acting career, where she can be seen performing dynamic stunts and cinematic martial arts. When she's not gaming or getting into pretend-fights, you can find her podcasting with friends and building Rebel Atom with her husband.

Mari bridges the gap between online and traditional media: from humble beginnings on YouTube to hosting for Netflix; from playing Minecraft to modeling their clothes -- she is the perfect blend of a rebellious internet innovator and a classically trained artist.



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