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From professional ballet to traditional entertainment, Mari Takahashi is a classically trained digital trailblazer. A Japanese-American actor, award-winning host, gaming luminary, and a YouTube OG.


Mari hung up her ballet shoes and crash-landed onto the YouTube scene, joining the comedy juggernaut SMOSH (25MM+ subs). Her innovative 10-year tenure includes: co-founding SMOSH Games, winning 2 Streamy's, a Forbes honor, executive producing shows like Smosh Pit Weekly, Maricraft, and Operation: Open World, and racking up 2 Billion+ views on YouTube. Mari flexes her storytelling and filmmaking muscles on her personal channel "AtomicMari".


Mari's love for acting stems from decades spent in the theater as a professional ballerina, a conservatory graduate of The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, and a continuing student at The Voice Actors Studio. Mari can be seen in Action! Action!, various short films, and as Pepper Yamane in the Emmy-winning show, Artificial. Her commercial credits include Verizon, Ericsson, McDonalds, and Lacoste. Mari has hosted shows for Google, Polygon, Netflix, Paramount, Comic-Con, Fail Army, and PopSci. She competed on DisneyXD's Clash of Karts and CBS' Survivor

Mari seamlessly bridges the gap between online and traditional media, lighting up the world in neon and inviting everyone to join her in a life less ordinary. From humble beginnings on YouTube to hosting for Netflix; from playing Minecraft to modeling their clothes -- she is the perfect blend of a classically trained artist and rebellious internet innovator trailblazing the future of entertainment.


Storytelling is my passion and working in this industry is an honor. I make films to remind myself I matter. And, hopefully, it reminds my viewers that they do, too.


I advocate for AAPI, women in STEM, and space exploration by lobbying Congress annually, regularly speaking on panels, and continuing my work as a co-owner of Spacestation Gaming.

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AAPI, STEM, and space advocate.

(and really wants to go on a rocket ship)

Mari isn't a scientist or an expert by any means, but she LOVES SPACE. For the past 4 years, Mari has traveled to Washington D.C. to lobby Congress alongside Bill Nye to secure government funding for NASA and their continued efforts in space exploration and education. She is an active member of the non-profit organization, The Planetary Society, and geeks out about space on the daily.

Mari is also a passionate advocate for STEM education for women and has spoken on panels with the Ad Council, ESA, and McDonalds Education Workshop. Mari and her Twitch community have raised over $25,000 to support organizations like Girls Who Code, Able Gamers, Stand Up To Cancer, and The Aldrin Foundation.

"I am a ballerina who became an early adopter of creating gaming content on YouTube, who’s stepped foot into space advocacy and education. I think most people will say that at least two of those things don’t go together. My hope is that my super unconventional career path will encourage young women to go after their dreams, push boundaries, and disrupt the status quo." -excerpt from AsAmNews 

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