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AtomicMari, Shubble, Brawks, and SMajor step out from behind their gaming monitors and onto the international fashion scene to showcase the capsule collection that redefines creative collaboration.

Minecraft laid the groundwork for some of Mari's most notable work on YouTube with the series Maricraft (50MM+ views) on SMOSH Games. Continuing that path with this worldwide campaign reflects Mari's ethos to "keep creating with the mindset that it's boundless."

The collection dropped in Lacoste stores in conjunction with interactive mobile shopping experiences, billboards across the globe, and a gaming launch event at ESpot, Paris.

Maricraft brought together a community of 7MM+ subscribers to adventure and laugh together. While mining for ore and avoiding lava traps, Mari bonded with some of her closest friends playing Minecraft and it remains to be one of her favorite games of all timeBonus: Mari experienced a proud-daughter moment when her parents discovered one of the billboards in London while traveling.


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