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"i had it all, but something was missing"

A creator journeys from success to self-discovery, grappling with life's uncertainties to find her true path. 

"Adrift" stars AtomicMari (Smosh) as she explores the journey from the height of her creative career to facing a profound existential crisis. As she navigates what it means to create, the film captures her struggle to reclaim identity and purpose while feeling lost in a sea of uncertainty.

Completion and web debut - May 13, 2024

Director bio:


Mari Takahashi is a Japanese-American actor and filmmaker who blends her experiences as a former professional ballerina, a YouTube luminary, and a run-and-gun storyteller. Classically trained with a rebellious spirit, Mari's videos have racked over a billion views online and she has won 2 Streamy Awards and a Webby. Mari is based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


Writer, director, editor: Mari Takahashi

Producers: Mari Takahashi and Peter Kitch

Special thanks:

Sabear Media

Rose Ray Media

Peter Lam

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